[Angel B.] white baby 4set

[Angel B.] white baby 4set

  • Brand: Babiz Korea
  • Product Code: Angelb white baby 4set
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Consumer price : $48.00 This product is only for retailers To place an order, please contact us at 323-634-0455(0435)kbizlosangeles@gmail.com or kbizlaoffice@gmail.comAngelbdot, a word ...

Consumer price : $48.00 

This product is only for retailers 

To place an order, please contact us at 323-634-0455(0435)
kbizlosangeles@gmail.com or kbizlaoffice@gmail.com

Angelbdot, a word meaning that ‘an angelic baby is born,’ is a special brand of childbirth products for the ‘best mothers and babies.

’Angelbdot will create the baby culture that mothers can easily use with an easy mind and babies can safely use to enjoy.

You can safely present your angelic baby with Angelbdot, the pure world and interesting play.

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