[Sonia] Stickers

[Sonia] Stickers

Consumer price : $2.70This product is only for retailersTo place an order, please contact us at 323-634-0455(0435)kbizlosangeles@gmail.com or kbizlaoffice@gmail.comThere are several style sticker...

Consumer price : $2.70

This product is only for retailers

To place an order, please contact us at 323-634-0455(0435)
kbizlosangeles@gmail.com or kbizlaoffice@gmail.com

There are several style stickers in our company such as Diary sticker, Nail sticker, Tatoo sticker, Luggage sticker.. etc. It is made with cute and emotional design which target of market is from teenager to OL. who like to decorate their own diary, phone case, frame and photos etc

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